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    Dungey Dougherty PLLC is a trusts and estates practice for high-net-worth clients with offices in Greenwich, Connecticut, and New York City. Our vision is to provide a high-end, high-touch client experience. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the attorneys, our practice, and the latest developments in the field.

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The Vision of Dungey Dougherty PLLC

Dungey Dougherty PLLC seeks to provide high-end, high-touch trust and estate planning and administration for wealthy individuals and their families. Our approach is client-centered with planning that is tailored to each client's individual circumstances and goals, building in tax efficiency, creditor protection and flexibility where we can. We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients and their families and aim to be a trusted resource that our clients can rely on to be responsive, on top of key developments in the law, and to provide thoughtful advice.   

High-end Planning 

Dungey Dougherty PLLC works exclusively with wealthy individuals and their families, many of whom require gift planning to mitigate a large eventual estate tax, have complex assets, or need help navigating an existing trust structure for their benefit. Our experience includes deploying both typical and atypical planning strategies depending on the circumstances, as we work to fit the planning to the client's goals rather than fitting the client into predetermined planning options.   

An important feature of complex planning is to not over-engineer the structure. During a client's lifetime, different types of trusts may be useful to achieve the overall plan and they may require disparate treatment during the client's lifetime. We see value in a coordinated structure that eases the long-term administrative burden and is user-friendly for clients and their beneficiaries.  

High-end planning should also consider collateral implications, including income taxation, state law, and cross-border considerations, in addition to the practical impact on the family, prior to undertaking estate planning. A hyper-focus on only the estate tax can miss opportunities as well as create unintended consequences. As such, we take a holistic approach to planning and find that seemingly ancillary or innocuous pieces can lead to more tailored solutions and ultimately better results.  

High-touch Service

Top-notch client service is a cornerstone of Dungey Dougherty PLLC. The firm is structured to prioritize the pillars of client service: responsiveness, attentiveness and convenience. We will maintain capacity to ensure we are there when you need us and that we have the time to be attentive to every phase of your planning and to guide you on proper administration. We know that your time is valuable too and have integrated a secure client portal for easy access to documents and online bill pay. If there's more we can do, let us know!

Trusted Advisors

We believe the highest honor for a private client attorney is to be a client's trusted advisor. At Dungey Dougherty PLLC, we aim to provide each of our clients with a reliable, hands-on approach together with thoughtful and sound advice that is befitting of the confidence and trust placed in us by our clients for themselves and their loved ones.

How to Learn More

We encourage you to check out other pages on our website to learn more about the team at Dungey Dougherty PLLC and particulars on trust and estate planning and administration for high net worth families. We will also post under the Alerts page from time to time with relevant developments in the field.